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Las Playitas

Las Playitas

ALT: Las Playitas on Fuerteventura

Las Playitas is one of the most beautiful coastal towns on the island and can be reached via the FV-512, that diverts from the FV-4 towards Gran Tarajal. The small, white hillside houses form a wonderful contrast to the dark beach and the blue sea. 

Information about the town of Las Playitas

The coastal town of Las Playitas on Fuerteventura has about 700 inhabitants. The town itself can be divided in two areas: north of the hill is the "old heart of the town" and the harbour; south of the hill is the "new town" with hotels and sports facilities. In the old part and around the harbour you can meet many locals, who love to spend their afternoons with like-minded people. The new part of the town offers a hotel and many holiday homes, which are very popular with sportsmen. Furthermore there is a 18-hole golf course and a 21 km long running route. Once a year (mostly in april) a big triathlon, the "Half Challenge Fuerteventura" is being held in Las Playitas. Ortseinfahrt Las Playitas

Entrance to the town of Las Playitas


At the Entrance of Las Playitas


Car park at the golf course



In the old part of Las Playitas

Strand von Las Playitas

Beach at the old heart of Las Playitas

More information about the beach of Las Playitas can be found here: 

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Strand von Las Playitas

Beach at the old heart of Las Playitas

Strand von Las Playitas

Beach at the old heart of Las Playitas

Golfplatz von Las Playitas

Golf course in Las Playitas


There are several shopping facilities and restaurants in Las Playitas. The town is best suited for triathletes because it offers great running routes, good road conditions and an olympic swimming pool (in a resort).

Kinderspielplatz in Las Playitas

Children's playground in Las Playitas

Laufstrecke nach Las Playitas

Running route to Las Playitas

Kirche in Las Playitas

Church in Las Playitas

The nearest touristic town is Tarajalejo. More detailed information about the beach of Tarajalejo can be found here:

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A bus stop is in place. Schedules can be found in island magazines or by asking the bus driver.


The scenic fishermen's village Las Playitas on Fuerteventura seems to be off the beaten track until big hotel complexes will be built around Las Playitas.