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Private island tours

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"Island tour" - that's a trip across the whole island of Fuerteventura, entirely private and individual. We drive to the most beautiful places of Fuerteventura (caves, impressive mountain landscapes, exciting canyons,...) with a small minibus (up to 4 persons). 

Private island tours

Private island tours

Important general notes

By e-mail. (see address)

Tours daily from 10 am to 4 pm.No sales tour!
German tour guide.


Position plan

No position plan available since the tour guide operates on the entire island of Fuerteventura.



Information about how to get there:

I will pick you up.

Further information


We drive with a minibus and explore Fuerteventura in a private and individual way. On request, we visit a goat farm and a small idyllic tapas bar which is situated directly on the seaside in a small fishing village.

Price of the island tour:

On enquiry.


Customers pay cash at the end of the round trip.

Some pictures of the Fuerteventura island tour:

Atemberaubende Plätze auf Fuerteventura

Breathtaking places on Fuerteventura

Die Natur auf Fuerte erleben

Experience nature on Fuerte

Very close to animals

Very close to animals

Einheimische auf Fuerteventura

Locals on Fuerteventura

Die Natur auf Fuerteventura

Nature on Fuerteventura

Das Meer auf Fuerteventura

The ocean of Fuerteventura

Die Natur auf Fuerteventura

Nature on Fuerteventura

Gemütliche Plätze auf Fuerteventura

Comfortable places

Einheimische auf Fuerteventura

Locals on Fuerteventura

I'd be very happy if you joined me on an island tour!

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