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Accommodation - FAQs

Here you find the answers to questions linked to the subject of accommodation. If you have any other questions, we would be happy to answer them. Just mail or fax us.

In which town should I book an accommodation?

The choice of town depends on the needs of every single person. You have to settle the following questions before you start your search:

  • Do I prefer a tourist centre or an accommodation off the beaten track?
  • Do I prefer the north or the south?
  • Do I prefer an accommodation on the seaside or in the inland?
  • Am I mobile or do I prefer to stay in one place?

The bigger tourist centres in the south are Jandia (Morro Jable) and Costa Calma. In the north there are Corralejo and Caleta de Fuste, also referred to as Costa Caleta.
Off the beaten track, you find accommodation in e.g. La Pared, Tarajalejo, El Cotillo.

How much does the accommodation cost?

Generally, prices are calculated per day and flat. Prices vary from approx. 30/day up to approx. 150/day. Here you have to find out if the price applies to 2 or even to 4 people. Moreover, you often have to pay a fixed amount of one per diem rate for final cleaning. Extra expenses like electricity and water are mostly included but there are exceptions, too.

Prices usually vary depending on the season. From June to August there are often special offers.

In our category Accommodation, the prices are clearly laid out. Of course there is no commission if you book a private accommodation.

You can see that it might be profitable if you spent an individual holiday on Fuerteventura.

Does private accommodation offer "half board" or even "all inclusive"?

Generally, there is no catering in private accommodation. But this is an advantage for an alternative holiday: on the one hand, you get to know the local cuisine. There are many excellent local restaurants and pubs. On the other hand, families can organise their days more flexibly with self-catering. There is a sufficient number of supermarkets and shopping centres on the island. 

If you still do not want to miss a hotel buffet, you can also eat there. Just go to the hotel reception and let the staff know that you would like to join the meal. You then pay either directly at the reception or after the meal. This will cost you between 12 and 20.  

What do I have to take to the accommodation?

Here we can also only give general information. Of course, it depends on the accommodation which equipment is available.

Usually you do not have to take anything. Normally there are towels, sheets and kitchen equipment in every holiday flat. Often you even find spices, coffee filters etc. in the kitchen. Toilet paper is also at hand but you have to buy new paper during your holiday if you need more.  

Our tip: just take things with you which you can't buy on Fuerteventura.