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Booking individual accommodation

Many package holiday tourists shy away from looking for private accommodation due to the allegedly "complicated" booking of a holiday flat. But is it really that much more difficult to look for accommodation on one's own account? In the following paragraph we will examine this question and present advantages and disadvantages.

Usual procedure of an independent booking

We can only explain in general how a booking of a private holiday flat or an appartment works. There will always be little differences.

Normally you look for suitable accommodation on the Internet. In exceptional cases you can also look in catalogues, in travel magazines or in the newspaper, but the offer is very limited. When you have chosen your accommodation you have to contact the offerer. We recommend that you call him or her since you can ask questions and thus clear up any confusion at once. Another common and legitimate option is to contact the offerer via an on-line form or e-mail. As soon as you reach an agreement you will receive a "rent agreement" via fax, post, or e-mail. In this contract you will find details concerning the rental period, prices, and benefits. If you send the contract back, the booking is binding.

Please pay attention to the renting conditions of every single offerer!

Most landlords do not ask for a deposit and you can pay either via credit transfer or cash on the spot. If you want to have a trip cancellation insurance you have to take it out by yourself. The weekly price is mostly lower than the price of a hotel. 

Advantages of individual booking

  • Very often at lower prices.
  • Short term changes can be brought into agreement with the landlord.
  • There are often discounts if you want to stay for a long period.
  • Interesting alternative to big hotels and package holidays.
  • Without catering, thus you get to know the local cuisine better. 

Disadvantages of individual booking

  • No tour representative on the spot.
  • You have to organise the transfer from the airport to the accommodation yourself (sometimes landlords offer transfer).