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How and where do you find suitable accommodation?

For a package holiday or for booking a hotel, there are catalogues. But how can I book private accommodation? You will find the answer to this question in the following article. Here you learn how to find suitable bungalows or apartments.

1. Here on this web site

The first contact point for you is, of course, "Fuerteventura alternativ". On our web site, you will find all necessary components for an individual holiday in the course of time. At Accommodation, more and more flat and bungalow owners will make their offers available.

And the most important thing: there will be no commission or the like. We are only a platform for offering accommodation. You will contact the landlord himself, not us.

If you like to rummage in our accommodation site, you can do that here.

2. With big tour operators and in travel agencies

In order to book a holiday flat or a bungalow as an individual traveller, you can also do that "normally" via a tour operator or a travel agency. The disadvantage is that there are almost no tour operators who are specialised in the island of Fuerteventura and who offer a great amount of accommodation.

3. On the Internet sites of the owners

Many owners of holiday flats have an own web site. The disadvantage is that you often don't find these sites at all since they are not listed in search engines like "google". Another disadvantage is that not all these flats have an own web site.


How to find the right accommodation depends on yourself and your needs. We would like to create a platform that makes it easier to plan an individual holiday that brings you closer to Fuerteventura than a package holiday.