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Mostly the cheaper solution -> book a flight directly on the Internet

ALT: Book a flight to Fuerteventura on the Internet

Many people shy away from booking a flight on the Internet. But why? Why do people mistrust the Internet in this context? Here we give you some tips and show you the advantages and disadvantages when you book your flight directly from an airline.

The booking procedure on the Internet:

The procedure is relatively simple. You choose an airline that flys to Fuerteventura. Often they offer special promotion days with low priced flights to Fuerteventura. This makes the choice of an airline easy. Our tip: for security reasons, choose an established airline, such as Condor, LTU, TUIfly or Air Berlin.

Then you click through the booking system on the airline's homepage. This is mostly fairly easy, even for Internet beginners. Payment options are either debit order, credit card, and sometimes credit transfer.

Important: When booking a flight on the Internet, you often do not receive a ticket by post but only a confirmation e-mail which is at the same time your flight ticket. You just have to print it out. You also have to know that this ticket is only valid in conjunction with your identity card.

From our own experience we can confirm that this procedure works flawlessly.

Advantages of Internet booking:

  • In special promotion weeks, it is much cheaper than the normal price (from 79/one-way/person).
  • More flexible since you can book spontaneously even on Sundays.
  • It is quickly possible to compare different airlines.

Disadvantages of Internet booking:

  • No expert advice.
  • Possibly you might feel uncomfortable if you are insecure or like to have a "proper" flight ticket.
  • In the case of complaints or cancellation you have to address the airline yourself.