Parque Natural Lobos

02.07.2009 - Kategorie: Activities and sights

Today we present the island Los Lobos as a place of excursions.

The island Los Lobos, mostly just called "Lobos", is situated on the northeast point of Fuerteventura - thus between Fuerteventura (near Corralejo) and Lanzarote. Los Lobos is approx. 4.5 sqkm and was declared "Parque Natural" in 1982.

The island Los Lobos is virtually void (just a few people live on Lobos) and one can hike round the island in a few hours. The hiking tour's most interesting and worth seeing are the sandy bays, small volcano calderas and remnants of so-called salines (factory for the production of salt). 

You will get to the island Los Lobos from the harbour in Corralejo. From there there are regular boat trips to the island. The crossing takes about 15 minutes and costs approx. 10 euros. The times of departure vary and can be checked in the harbour.

Diving area

Between the mainland of Fuerteventura and the island Los Lobos there is a magnificent diving area. The relatively low water depth and the lava caves offer a splendid underwater scenery with different fishes and plants.

Accommodation with view to Lobos:

If you are looking for an accommodation with view to the island Los Lobos, you can find one here on our German Website: