Surfing on Fuerteventura - the kings' sport

03.07.2009 - Kategorie: Activities and sights

Surfing in its original form has been practiced for almost 4,000 years. Through the voyages of the Polynesians, surfing spread to the South Seas and later on to the whole world. 

Surfing is fascinating - there is no doubt about it! It offers the magnificent possibility to leave behind one's hectic life for a moment and just dive into the endless peace and quiet of the sea.

Wellenreiten auf Fuerteventura

With its endless, sandy beaches, more than 300 sunny days a year, cristal clear water and waves with the rating of "world class", Fuerteventura certainly belongs to Europe's best surfing destinations. A place of contrasts - azure water and white desert sand - mass tourism and the end of the world lie close together. A beauty with rough edges and a place where you can breathe the whiff of adventure every day.

Our tip:
Rapa Nui Surfcamp & School