Which car rentals still hire out four by fours (jeeps)?

29.06.2009 - Kategorie: Hire cars

Not long ago we received an e-mail request in which a tourist asked us where he could still hire a four by four. The tourist discovered (probably in his research) that not every car rental still hires out jeeps. It seems that the number of car hire companies with all-terrain vehicles is declining.

In order to get to remote places, however, for example to Cofete, you need a four by four. Already the insurance demands that in order not to experience unpleasant (financial) surprises in the case of an accident. There are always discussions if normal cars should be used on certain roads or not.

Our tip: Always use a jeep on gravel and unasphalted roads!

We made an effort and filtered which car rentals, at least 2008/2009, still hired out four by fours on the basis of our Car rental ratings.  

The following car rentals hired out jeeps in 2008/2009:

We are grateful about every tip that completes this list. You can help us via the comment button here in the blog or via the Car rental ratings.

Addition 29/03/2009

According to the information of a tenant, it is not ensured that it is allowed to drive a four by four in the open terrain. Some car rentals have a restrictive clause in their contract that excludes the coverage on unasphalted roads even with a jeep. 

We don't understand that but in practice this happens often. 

If you still want to drive on unasphalted roads, you should ask the car rental to delete the respective passages from the contract.