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Bewertung Auto Reisen:
Very good and favourable - always compare prices!




Time of travel:

Rental duration:

Thomas Schiffl



21 Tage

hired car:

Place of collection:

Place of return:

Nissan Micra/5 T. + air conditioning



Statements about reservation and booking

Total mark reservation/booking:


Booking options:

Telephone, E-mail, Directly in the office, Fax

Further information by the hirer about the booking and reservation:

We found the homepage of Auto Reisen/TUI (Low Cost Car) on the Internet via Google. Since we regularly spend our holidays on Fuerteventura, we always compare different offerers.


Fuerteventura Airport
Autopista FV-1, Km-5
TLF.: 928 860 760
FAX: 928 760 762

The site of Low Cost Car was very user-friendly. During the booking procedure we found out that LOW COST CAR is the same as AUTO REISEN or TUI Cars. This was also communicated when we received the electronic confirmation of the booking via e-mail, but we didn't mind much since price and service were very good. "Cheap is often also good"

Statements about the delivery of the car (collection and return)

Total mark delivery of car:


Further information by the hirer about the delivery of the car:

After having arrived in the terminal, still waiting for our luggage, we filled in the hiring contract (very uncomplicated; we just had to show the driving licence and a credit card) and immediately received the key for the hire car. We could also choose between different car types according to the category we had booked before (= 4 doors with air conditioning = Nissan Micra, Toyota Yaris or Citroën C2). The staff explained to us where exactly the car was parked and how much petrol there was in the tank (it was half-full). We also returned the car without difficulty: we returned the key over the counter of AUTO REISEN, stating where exactly we had parked the car (with just the same amount of petrol as when we had collected the car).

Statements about the condition of the car

Total mark condition of car:


Safety vest:


Further information by the hirer about the condition of the car:

The Nissan Micra had just 000022 km on the clock, i. e. it was a new car, still smelling new. According to the employee at the terminal counter, we were the first ones to hire the car. It was in excellent repair. Nothing more to say with that mileage!

Statements about the payment

Total mark payment:


Options for paying the hire car:

Credit card

The following credit cards are accepted:

Visa, MasterCard

Further information by the hirer about the payment:

We payed on-line without any problems when we booked the car. We payed with VISA card.

Statements about the price

Costs for the hire car per day:

18,23 €

Was there a security deposit:


Further information by the hirer about the price:

On-line we couldn't bargain with LOW COST CAR.
Of course the following statement also applies to LOW COST CAR: "The longer you book the car, the cheaper is the daily rate".
Until now, we were always very happy with our former offerer "CICAR" where we always had been able to negotiate very good prices. However, the hire firm had an inflexible daily rate for a 3 week booking (23,- Euro/day). Thus we chose LOW COST CAR and can only recommend it to other travelers. Compared to CICAR, we saved 102,- Euros!

Other detailed statements

Staff were able to communicate in the following languages:

Spanish, English, German

Staff were:

very friendly

Child safety seat:

didn’t need one

Roof rack:

didn’t need one

Was there a minimum age:

don’t know

Do you have to possess your driving licence for a longer period yet:

don’t know

Is it possible to name an additional driver:


2,00 € per day

Is it allowed to travel to other Canary islands with the hire car:

don’t know

Is there a kilometre limit:


Is it possible to change the car during the renting period? E.g. for another type:


Other statements made by the hirer:

Despite the comprehensive cover, we had to sign a "blank document" of Visa card. This was probably not related to possible damages but rather to possible traffic offences/tickets or the tankful (if not returned as collected). All in all we were very happy and would book LOW COST CAR - Auto Reisen again anytime.

"Since the new driving licence with point system came into effect on 01/07/2006 for the entire Spanish territory, we saw as many traffic checks as never before on Fuerteventura, e. g. on roundabouts, radar speed checks, parking tickets (in front of the supermarket with stopping restriction you have to pay 90,- Euros), etc. Please mind the Spanish road traffic regulations at all costs; otherwise it might become expensive"


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