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Bewertung Autos Serapia:
Hands off!




Time of travel:

Rental duration:

Joks, Dieter



9 Tage

hired car:

Place of collection:

Place of return:

Opel Corsa



Statements about reservation and booking

Total mark reservation/booking:


Booking options:

Telephone, E-mail

Further information by the hirer about the booking and reservation:

Booked by phone, spoke with Dutch director, friendly. Confirmation by mail: station waggon, air conditioning, roof rack. Everything ready.

Statements about the delivery of the car (collection and return)

Total mark delivery of car:


Further information by the hirer about the delivery of the car:

We had booked a station waggon Saet Octavia (5 doors) with air con.
We got an Opel Corsa, 2 doors, without air con. The other one was said to be in the garage. Although we communicated by e-mail one day before arrival no one told us that "our" car wasn't available. It didn't have an acute defect but had been broken longer. The company gave us a discount of 25 €, which we wouldn't get back if we exchanged the small car against the other within 5 days. We had to pay cash on the street.
We had to decide: This one or none! As anyone knows, bookings at the counter are considerably more expensive thus we didn't have a choice. Just a day before we could have booked with another rental via Internet. We chose this one since this was the only one that offered a station waggon at that time (Christmas). We could have got a Corsa anywhere! Cheaper, better, newer, roadworthy.

Delivery on the road at the airport, director wouldn't give us the office address ("you have my number! that's enough"), insulted us as we complained, general insults of surfers "fucking surfers, they all smoke pot and break everything"...absolutely unfriendly, this was the boss (Dutch).

Statements about the condition of the car

Total mark condition of car:


Safety vest:


Further information by the hirer about the condition of the car:

The car had the following features:
134,000 km, old, many marks, very dirty (inside and outside), break light was permanently on, cockpit display failed at every bump. The passenger door couldn't be opened from inside, neither did the electronic window work on the passenger side. Windscreen washer system broken. After a total of 50 km: engine broken.
We got another car of the same type, 129,000 km, mostly clean. This one kept up...All in all much too old.
In the few documents of the cars we couldn't see if they were still licensed by any official control (ITV or TÜV). Last stamp was from over 1 year before.

Statements about the payment

Total mark payment:


Options for paying the hire car:


Further information by the hirer about the payment:

On the road at the airport. Cash. Couldn't pay with credit card or cash card. We didn't know this before.

Statements about the price

Costs for the hire car per day:

20,00 €

Was there a security deposit:


Further information by the hirer about the price:

We couldn't negotiate. Not even when we got a car 3 categories lower than we had booked it. We were pressed downright: Take this one or go. For the small car the price was absolutely too high. We could have booked it much cheaper on the Internet.

Other detailed statements

Staff were able to communicate in the following languages:


Staff were:

absolutely unfriendly

Child safety seat:


Roof rack:


Was there a minimum age:

don’t know

Do you have to possess your driving licence for a longer period yet:

don’t know

Is it possible to name an additional driver:

don’t know

Is it allowed to travel to other Canary islands with the hire car:


Is there a kilometre limit:


Is it possible to change the car during the renting period? E.g. for another type:

don’t know

Other statements made by the hirer:

We weren't informed about anything.
There were many special incidents, see above.
We had booked 9 days, 5 of whom we had to take a small, old car, which we could have exchanged afterwards but were supposed to collect it from the airport ourselves, which would have been another 100 km and half a day! Since we got an old but roadworthy car after the first engine failure, we decided to stick to that one since we didn't know the condition of the station waggon either and were more than sceptical.
The authorities should absolutely check this rental. The first car was in a life-threatening condition, which we detected only after we had left the airport. At that time the director couldn't be found anymore and didn't answer the phone. After 50 km the engine broke down.


Can you recommend the car rental:


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