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Bewertung Cicar:
Cicar is highly recommended by me




Time of travel:

Rental duration:

irene lowman



14 Tage

The hirer is ready to answer your questions via e-mail.

hired car:

Place of collection:

Place of return:

unsure (class c)



Statements about reservation and booking

Total mark reservation/booking:


Booking options:

Telephone, E-mail, Directly in the office, Fax

Further information by the hirer about the booking and reservation:

I booked our car by telephone from UK direct to Cicar in Fuerteventura. I still have their card so know the telephone number and address in Fuerteventura

Statements about the delivery of the car (collection and return)

Total mark delivery of car:


Further information by the hirer about the delivery of the car:

There were absolutely no problems in the delivery of the car, the staff were most helpful and the returnm process was clearly given. There were no existing damages on the vehicle

Statements about the condition of the car

Total mark condition of car:


Safety vest:


Further information by the hirer about the condition of the car:

excellent - almost brand new

Statements about the payment

Total mark payment:


Options for paying the hire car:

Cash, Credit card, Direct debit

The following credit cards are accepted:

Visa, MasterCard, BarclayCard

Further information by the hirer about the payment:

Payment was made by credit card. Number was taken, amount charged was detailed and the proceedure went without problem.

Statements about the price

Costs for the hire car per day:


Was there a security deposit:


Further information by the hirer about the price:

The price of the vehicle was an excellent deal compared to other firms. I could not bargain the price as it was set. I did not incur any extra charges.

Other detailed statements

Staff were able to communicate in the following languages:


Staff were:

very friendly

Child safety seat:

didn’t need one

Roof rack:

didn’t need one

Was there a minimum age:

don’t know

Do you have to possess your driving licence for a longer period yet:

don’t know

Is it possible to name an additional driver:


0,00 € per day

Is it allowed to travel to other Canary islands with the hire car:

don’t know

Is there a kilometre limit:


Is it possible to change the car during the renting period? E.g. for another type:

don’t know

Other statements made by the hirer:

I was offered fully comprehensive cover. I do not know if other insurances are available and there were no other incidents.


Can you recommend the car rental:


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