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Activities on Fuerteventura

Here we give you some information on different activities like hiking, jeep tours, sailing, riding, etc.

Playing golf at the Golf Club Salinas de Antigua on Fuerteventura<br>

The Golf Club Salinas de Antigua is situated near the small town Caleta de Fuste on Fuerteventura. The golf course is an 18-hole course (par 70). The perfect weather conditions on Fuerteventura and the professional environment invite you to play golf in your holidays.  more info

Cycling on Fuerteventura - “Sun, beach and mountains”<br>An article by Wolfgang Schönecker (Reisebuchungsservice Schönecker - travel agency)<br>

Cycling on Fuerteventura?! The trend towards activity holidays goes on and thus, you can see more and more cyclists on Fuerteventura, alone or in groups, who enjoy their training or just have fun on roads with little traffic.  more info

Trip to “Mirador Morro Velosa”<br>

"Mirador Morro Velosa" is considered to be the most beautiful viepoint on Fuerteventura. The unique panorama from a hight of about 650 metres offers a view of the north of Fuerteventura with the dues of Corralejo plus Lanzarote - given the weather is good. more info

Oasis Park Fuerteventura

"Oasis Park Fuerteventura" in La Lajita is a diversified nature paradise of about 780.000 sqm with 3000 animals. "Oasis Park" is situated in the south of Fuerteventura and offers a lot: zoo, camel safaris, a botanical garden with many tropical plants, animal shows and a great deal... more info

Trip to Cofete

Cofete is a beach which is good for watching, thinking or marvelling! There's something mysterious in it. Deserted, solitary, lonely, and in the background you can see the 800 m high mountains of Jandia where the clouds get caught. The weather is always breezy and the waves are... more info

Beach hike from Morro Jable/Jandía to Costa Calma

A beach hike from Morro Jable/Jandia to Costa Calma is a great experience. By walking along the coast, you get to know all beach sections of the peninsula of Jandia, even those which you can't reach by car or bus. more info

Trip to Lanzarote

A day trip to Lanzarote by ferry from Corralejo (Fuerteventura) is a great experience. On one day you get a good overview of the neighbouring island Lanzarote. The landscape which is similar to Fuerteventura's landscape fascinates by its lava areas and the large wine-growing district. more info