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Costa Calma

Costa Calma

ALT: Map of Fuerteventura, Costa Calma is stressed

Costa Calma is the second largest holiday town in the south of Fuerteventura. One attraction of Costa Calma is the beautiful sandy beach, which is very suitable for families with children since the water is very flat. The town is quieter than Jandía or Corralejo but nevertheless there are many apartments, holiday flats and hotels. Costa Calma is a popular place with German tourists. You will meet almost no other nationalities. 

Map of Costa Calma

Lageplan von Costa Calma auf Fuerteventura

Information about Costa Calma

"Costa Calma" means "quiet coast"; it is called like this due to its offshore winds and the low waves resulting from them.  

Costa Calma is situated at the northernmost point of the peninsula "Jandía". (Attention - Jandía is the name for the tourist centre near Morro Jable but also for the entire peninsula of Fuerteventura!) Costa Calma lies on an isthmus; it's only 4 km beeline to the west coast and thus to the other side of the island.   

The wind turbines of the wind park near Costa Calma are particularly remarkable. Due to the isthmus, there is a constant wind during the whole year.  

Costa Calma auf Fuerteventura im Überblick

View of Costa Calma

Costa Calma auf Fuerteventura im Überblick

Wind park near Costa Calma behind the town exit to Jandia/Morro Jable

If you go to Costa Calma, you will immediately notice the large wood of palm and pine trees on the left and right side of the road - especially since such a green oasis outside of hotels and holiday resorts is rare on Fuerteventura. The main road leads right through this palm forest and thus keeps a large part of the noise off from the rest of the town. The wood divides the town into two parts. On some road signs, you can still read Costa Calma's former name "Cañada del Río".

Tankstelle Costa Calma auf Fuerteventura

Petrol station in Costa Calma at dusk


The town of Costa Calma consists of holiday flats, apartments, hotels, shopping centres and restaurants and is thus a pure holiday resort, built from about 1970. There is no historic town centre. In fact, no real centre is to be found at all - a "small town centre" is the small square opposite to the Taro Beach hotel.

Shopping-Center Sotavento

Sotavento shopping centre, opposite to Taro Beach hotel

Costa Calma belongs to the municipality of Pajara. The town is rather quiet - a fact which is not always negative.

The buildings in the central district, behind the "main beach", are flat. In the newer districts in the south and north of Costa Calma, higher hotels have, unfortunately, been built.

Strand Costa Calma mit Sicht auf die Landseite

Main beach of Costa Calma with apartments and holiday flats


Costa Calma beach

The town's main attraction, and probably the main reason for visiting Costa Calma, is the large, quiet bay with its clean sandy beach. The bay is about 1.5 km long and is the centre of the town.

Costa Calma auf Fuerteventura - Strand

Costa Calma beach

Costa Calma auf Fuerteventura - Strand

Clear water and mostly low waves - Costa Calma beach

Costa Calma auf Fuerteventura - Strand

You can also have a snack on Costa Calma beach

From Costa Calma beach, you can hike along the beach to the south (Morro Jable) for about 21 km. Not far from Costa Calma beach starts Playa de Sotavento – a breath-taking beach scenery and at the same time an excellent surfing area. -> see beach hike

Sotavento Strand bei Costa Calma

Playa de Sotavento - very close to Costa Calma

The beach is very suitable for children - mostly low waves and a clean beach with flat water. Behind the beach, there are apartments and hotels, which are not separated from the beach by an esplanade.

You will find further detailed information about Costa Calma beach here on our web sites: -> Costa Calma beach

Shopping and restaurants

In Costa Calma, there are numerous shopping centres (Centro Comercial), which are spread throughout the whole town. In the shopping centres, you will find a mix of restaurants, supermarkets and different shops (souvenirs, clothes, drugstores, etc.).  

Some of the shopping centres are: C.C. Sotavento, C.C. El Palmeral (next to the petrol station), C.C. Botanico, C.C. Canada del Rio, C.C. Bahia, C.C. Bahia Calma, C.C. Costa Calma, etc.

Costa Calma auf Fuerteventura - Strand

Entrance to the shopping centre El Palmeral

Strand Jandia - Fuerteventura

Cabrito shop (our partner) in the shopping centre El Palmeral

There are just a few real top restaurants but those who are looking for one will find one. One of them is the "Galeria" with its sun terrace with sea view. 

For a small lunch bite we recommend the beach bars, which offer delicious starters and small main dishes.

Furthermore, there is a weekly market every Sunday from 12 noon. It is situated at the northern town exit.

Nightlife in Costa Calma is rather quiet. It takes place mainly in the shopping centres or in the hotels. After 10 p.m. you should not expect too much - nevertheless, there are some discos (e. g. Bounce in C.C. El Palmeral) which start at midnight. In the holiday flats, you will probably prefer sitting on your own balcony or patio and enjoy the evening mood.  

In Costa Calma, you will have no language difficulties (even if you don't speak Spanish) since German is understood and spoken in most restaurants and shops. Many owners are Germans themselves. 


There are sufficient bus stops. Bus schedules are to be found in island magazines, amongst others, or just ask the bus driver. From Costa Calma, there are bus connections to Esquinzo, Jandía/Morro Jable, La Lajita, La Pared, Tarajalejo, Gran Tarajal, Puerto del Rosario, Flughafen, Antigua, Tunieje and Pajara.

There are many taxi stands: there is a large taxi stand at the resort "Rio Sol"; another one is directly next to the police station.


Around 1970, the first houses were built along Costa Calma. Before that, the landscape was uninhabited and desert-like. Since 1984, when the bumpy road to Morro Jable was asphalted, tourism has developed quickly. From this time on, many hotels and apartment resorts have been built. 

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Accommodation in Costa Calma:

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