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Corralejo is, after Jandia/Morro Jable, the second largest tourist town on Fuerteventura. It is situated in the very north of the island. Corralejo is a buzzing town - the main attraction, however, is the protected dune area "El Jable", which lies in the south of Corralejo.

Map of Corralejo

Lageplan von Corralejo auf Fuerteventura

Information about Corralejo

Corralejo is situated in the north of Fuerteventura and is about 45 km away from the airport.  

Formerly a small fishing village, the town has turned into the largest tourist centre in the north and the second largest one on the entire island of Fuerteventura. Corralejo belongs to the municipality of La Oliva and is particularly popular with British tourists. This can also be seen in the numerous English pubs and bars.

Corralejo possesses a historic town centre with charm. The proximity to the harbour and the narrow alleyways give the town a special air despite its size. The view of the neighbouring island "Los Lobos" also contributes to that.
The town is a buzzing place. Its centre is the large high street with many shops, restaurants, bars and discos. During the day, most people can be found on the beach and along the beach promenade. 

Strandpromenade beim alten Stadtkern von Corralejo auf Fuerteventura

Beach promenade near the old town centre of Corralejo

In the harbour, where both fishing boats and yachts but also big ferries can be found, there is always something going on. Many people use the harbour as a starting point for excursions to Lanzarote or Los Lobos. See also "Trip to Lanzarote".

Blick zum Hafen von Corralejo auf Fuerteventura

View of the harbour in Corralejo

Corralejo has plenty to offer for visitors looking for action: boat trips, surfing, catamaran trips, mountain biking, tennis, sea-angling, jet skiing, etc.  
Corralejo's nightlife is the best one in all towns of Fuerteventura.

In Corralejo, there are many hotels, bungalow resorts and apartments. The building boom still goes on. The further away you walk from the harbour and the town centre, the less ambience has Corralejo. In the south of Corralejo, one big hotel follows the other. The hotels and apartments are mostly low (concerning the number of floors). Exceptions are the two RIU hotels, which are situated directly in the dunes. These two hotels are considered as "eyesores" of Fuerteventura. They were built in the middle of the dunes and are very high. 

RIU-Hotel in den Dünen von Corralejo auf Fuerteventura

RIU hotel directly in the Corralejo dunes on Fuerteventura

The above-mentioned dune area in the south of Corralejo is called "El Jable" and has been under protection since 1982. The main road FV1 leads to Corralejo through the dune area. On foot, the route from the accommodation in Corralejo to the dunes can be exhausting since you will have to walk between 3 to 5 kilometres, depending on where your accommodation is located.

Dünengebiet El Jable bei Corralejo

Dune area "El Jable" near Corralejo

A further attraction was built only recently: "BAKU Waterpark" - a large park with water slides. 
In "BAKU Waterpark", every Monday and Friday the weekly market takes place. The "BAKU Waterpark" is situated in the southern part of Corralejo, almost at the outskirts. 

Eingang des BAKU Wasserparks in Corralejo auf Fuerteventura

Entrance "BAKU Waterpark" in Corralejo


Corralejo beach

Corralejo beach is divided into two large sections.

There are many small beach bays in Corralejo town. Here the largest bathing bay is about 200 m long. These beaches are popular with both tourists and locals. The sand is light-coloured and fine. From nearly all bays, you will have a beautiful view of the harbour and Los Lobos. There are both water sports facilities and beach bars and restaurants in order to buy a snack. 

Strand von Corralejo Stadt - Fuerteventura

Beach bay in Corralejo town

Strand von Corralejo Stadt - Fuerteventura

Beach bay in Corralejo town

Furthermore, there is the large dune area "El Jable" (about 20 sqkm), which is situated south of Corralejo. Here you will find mainly RIU hotel guests but also many "day guests" (e. g. surfers or day-trippers). The dune area is perfect for sun worshippers and beach aficionados. Another attraction of this area is the view of Los Lobos. Naturism is also done and tolerated. 

Dünen von Corralejo - El Jable - Fuerteventura

Beach with view of Los Lobos 

You will find further detailed information about the beaches of Corralejo here on our web sites: 
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Shopping and restaurants

Almost no other place on Fuerteventura offers such a large number of restaurants, bars, shops and shopping centres as Corralejo. 

Here you will find both international restaurants and small, romantic fish restaurants along the promenade.  

The centre of action is the high street. Here there are most shops and some car rentals.

Hauptstraße in Corralejo - Fuerteventura

High street in Corralejo

Einkaufsstraße in Corralejo

Shopping street in Corralejo

In the evening, you can choose between many bars and discos. The "Waikiki", which lies directly in one of the small beach bays, has been "in" for years.  

The weekly market, which used to take place along the high street, can now be found in BAKU Waterpark every Monday and Friday.


There are many bus stops in Corralejo. Bus schedules can be found in island magazines, amongst others, or you just ask the bus driver. From Corralejo, there are connections to Puerto del Rosario, La Oliva, Lajares, and El Cotillo.



In the 17th century, Corralejo was a pirate and smuggler port; after that it was a small fishing village. Tourism started around 1967, when, for example, the first apartment resort "Hoplaco" was built.
In the 70s, the "crimes of architecture" in the dune area (Riu hotels) were built. The big building boom started in 1980. 

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