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El Cotillo

El Cotillo

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El Cotillo is situated in the north of Fuerteventura, on the rougher west coast. Nevertheless, the lagoons of El Cotillo are absolutely suitable for bathing - even for children. The town itself seems sleepy and still rather pristine. But also in El Cotillo, tourism starts to develop slowly. New hotels and apartment resorts are being built continuously. 

Map of El Cotillo

Lageplan von El Cotillo auf Fuerteventura

Information about El Cotillo

El Cotillo is situated in the north of the island on the west coast and belongs to the municipality of La Oliva. Until recently, El Cotillo was still a small fishing village. Even now the town is still very small and quiet and has more atmosphere than some other, bigger tourist towns on Fuerteventura. But even in El Cotillo, more and more hotels and apartments are being built; thus, the town loses a little bit of its tranquility and nativeness. 

Ortseingang von El Cotillo

Entrance of El Cotillo

Particlarly the old harbour (in the town centre, with offshore reef) and the adjacent original town centre radiate something pristine. This part of El Cotillo invites particularly to eat fish or just relax. You can also watch the sunset from here. 

Alter Hafen von El Cotillo auf Fuerteventura

Old harbour of El Cotillo

Ursprünglicher Ortskern von El Cotillo

Original town centre of El Cotillo

For spending the night, there are apartment resorts, private apartments and (still) a few hotels. Especially the location of the apartments is mostly rather unique on the seaside or on the beach. New hotels are constantly being built.

In the south, there is the new harbour with its thick concrete wall in order to protect it from the torrential surge. Furthermore, you will find a historic building dating back to 1743, "Castillo de Rico Roque" - a defence tower.

Neuer Hafen von El Cotillo

New harbour of El Cotillo

North of El Cotillo, there are lagoon beaches and on the very end of the coast, three lighthouses which stand next to each other and which were built in different decades. 

El Cotillo beach

The long beaches south of El Cotillo mainly attract surfers - the surge here is very strong. Surfers who practice their sports here should be proficient. The beaches are not really suitable for bathing.

North of El Cotillo, there are beautiful lagoon beaches (Playas de Los Lagos). The fine sand and the clean water invite tourists to relax and bathe. This beach is something special and unique on Fuerteventura.

Lagunen-Strände (Playas de Los Lagos) bei El Cotillo - Fuerteventura

Lagoon beaches (Playas de Los Lagos) near El Cotillo 

Lagunen-Strände (Playas de Los Lagos) bei El Cotillo - Fuerteventura

Lagoon beaches and El Cotillo 

The beach consists of several bays, which are separated by bigger and smaller black lava stones. 

The sand is very light-coloured and clean. The sea is flat and very suitable for children. The waves are softened by offshore rocks.

On the beach, there is a beach bar for snacks. 

Strandlokal an den Lagunen-Stränden

Beach bar on the lagoon beaches

You will find further detailed information about El Cotillo beach here on our web sites: -> El Cotillo beach

Shopping and restaurants

Those looking for big supermarkets or a promenade in El Cotillo will be disappointed. In El Cotillo, there are small supermarkets, a few cafes and some restaurants. Particularly fish gourmets will find some fine fish restaurants.

The centre of the town is the area around the old harbour. But there are restaurants also towards the lagoon beaches.

El Cotillo offers not much concerning nightlife. Those who absolutely need it should go to Corralejo, which is about 20 km away from El Cotillo. This is the liveliest place on Fuerteventura.

Gastronomie in El Cotillo beim neuen Hafen

Restaurants in El Cotillo, near the new harbour


There are several bus stops in El Cotillo; one of them can be found at the town entrance at the high street, two of them are situated in the northern part of El Cotillo.

Bus schedules are to be found in island magazines, amongst others, or just ask the bus driver. From El Cotillo, there are bus connections to Corralejo, Puerto del Rosario, La Oliva and Lajares.

We don't know standard taxi stands at present.


Unlike other tourist towns in Fuerteventura, El Cotillo emerged "naturally". In the 17th century, El Cotillo was an important trade port from which goods were shipped to other Canary islands. Pirates could only attack the town with difficulties due to the offshore reef. 

In the 19th century, the present-day Puerto del Rosario (then Puerto de Cabras) became the most important harbour of the island.

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