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More than 5,200 inquiries to holiday accommodation on Fuerteventura since March 2006

23.03.2009 - Kategorie: Fuerteventura alternativ internally

Today we would like to publish internal numbers. Fuerteventura alternativ has existed since January 2006, since March 2006 it has been possible to make inquiries about holiday accommodation on Fuerteventura.

At the beginning just a few landlords presented their holiday flats, bungalows, apartments and houses on our website. As time went by, more and more people got interested in us and today we list more than 80 accommodations.

Since March 2006, more than 5,200 inquiries were sent to listed landlords via our contact form. Of course we can't count the number of interested persons who have made an inquiry to the holiday accommodation landlords by phone. 

The great interest shows that there are still many tourists who appreciate alternative holidays off the beaten track and also practice them.

You are also invited to have a look on our listed holiday accommodation on Fuerteventura (in English) and listed holiday accommodation on Fuerteventura (in German) and send completely non-binding inquiries.

Today we start "blogging"

20.03.2009 - Kategorie: Fuerteventura alternativ internally

Dear visitors of Fuerteventura alternativ!

From now on you can find the Fuerteventura alternativ - blog with many interesting subjects about Fuerteventura. We incorporate internal news, general information about the island, findings from the Internet and much more.

Have fun reading more soon here.

Your team from Fuerteventura alternativ