Getting about Fuerteventura by rental car, bus, taxi, etc.

Information about means of transport such as bus, taxi and car rental on Fuerteventura

As alternative holiday-maker you want to be mobile to discover Fuerteventura. Here we'd like to show you the different means of transport (bus, taxi, car rental) on Fuerteventura.

Bus (public)

On Fuerteventura there is a very well developed public transport system for buses. The buses generally call at many places. Depending on the different places the frequency of departures/arrivals vary between once in 15 minutes and once a day.

The main places on Fuerteventura are called by different bus routes. The central issue is the capital Puerto del Rosario.

You can pay the driver directly or you can buy multiple tickets at different ticket offices.

bus timetables:

You can download the latest bus timetables on the clearly structured website of the bus agency called 'Tiadhe' (Transportes Antonio Díaz Hernández, S.L.):

bus agency Tiadhe:

For more information Tiadhe bus agency website.


Bus (local)

Apart from the public buses there are also local or regional buses at some places. These buses operate in local areas. They call at many stops (e.g. beaches, hotels etc.) and very often they are a bit cheaper than the public buses. Information can be obtained locally. 


There is at least one taxi in almost every village. As a matter of course there are more in bigger villages or cities. In touristy areas taxi ranks can be found.

All taxis have got a coloured diagonal stripe on one side of the car. The colour marks the municipality where the taxi is allowed to pick up passengers. Please note that for example a taxi from Corralejo is not allowed to pick up passengers in Gran Tarajal.


The prices vary between € 0,50 and € 0,60 per kilometer, depending on the time and day of the week. The minimum charge is at least about € 3. You always pay for return as well. Waiting times cost extra charge. 

Rental car

There is a wide range of car rental companies for those who want do discover the Island themselves. Please note that the companies' conditions are different. For example: Many providers only permit to drive on asphalted roads.

Car rental companies:

Here you can find a list of all car rental companies incl. customer reviews.