About the weather on Fuerteventura

Thunderstorm paralyses neighbouring island Tenerife

27.03.2009 - Kategorie: Weather

The whole island of Tenerife was without electricity on march. According to the German press agency dpa, the reason was a flash of lightning that struck a power distribution station. It was only in the afternoon that the electricity supply was restored.

The air traffic was not in immediate danger due to the supply by emergency generators. 

Extreme weather conditions on the Canary islands will probably affect us more often in the next few years.

Calima on Fuerteventura

21.03.2009 - Kategorie: Weather

"Calima" is dry and warm air from the close desert Sahara, which heatens up Fuerteventura and the rest of the Canaries several times a year. The air is then dusty and extremely hazy. For elderly people "Calima" is particularly burdensome and incomfortable due to the dry air.