Tips for landlords

Tenants need to feel secure

15.05.2009 - Kategorie: Tips for landlords

Detailed descriptions to make the tenant feel secure and minimise effort:

The descripton of the accommodation has to be very detailed and comprehensive in order to stand out from competitors. From the beginning on we have always minded that we got descriptions that inform the tenant and give him the security to book the right accommodation. Sometimes we insist on certain things and can be a real nuisance. ;-)

A useful side effect is that thus there are less questions about the accommodation and this is a relief for you as a landlord. Future tenants will be grateful since they can read through the information and ideally just have to send the booking inquiry.   

Explain the booking procedure in detail:

Apart from the description of the accommodation and the surroundings, we consider it particularly important to describe the booking procedure in detail. If tenants are insecure because they don't know how the procedure goes on after they've booked, i.e. how they can pay, if there's a cancellation fee etc., they could feel inhibited and will not send an inquiry. 

You will create trust through detailed information about the booking procedure!

Pictures create additional security:

Since visual impressions cause more spontaneous actions than the mere reading of a text description, good and many pictures play a vital role.

Please mind the following points:

  • pictues should describe visually the whole accommodation
  • high-quality pictues are more attractive than blurred or compressed ones 
  • deliberate whether it is worth investing in a professional photographer
  • also take pictures of the immediate surroundings and the view from the balcony/patio

Soon we will give more information about pictures in further articles.

Hard times for landlords - important tips

11.05.2009 - Kategorie: Tips for landlords

Since we have increasingly noticed hard times for landlords (not only on Fuerteventura), we will give tips for landlords in this section from now on. 

The tips are based on several years of experience with our web site and on feedback of tenants (tourists) and landlords from Fuerteventura, which we regularly receive.

We will give tips how you can increase your occupancy and which mistakes you shouldn't make. We will also include opinions of different landlords, who will tell you about their experiences.