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OLD: Ajuy on Fuerteventura

OLD: Ajuy on Fuerteventura

Ajuy is located at the west coast of Fuerteventura. This quiet village, that used to have one of the most important ports of Fuerteventura, is nowadays less developed for tourists. Therefore this place stays idyllic and romantic. Especially the black beach and the nearby caves are worth to be visited.

Information about the town of Ajuy

The quiet village of about 130 inhabitants is part of the municipal district of Pajara. Pajara, which is about 10 km away from Ajuy, is the civic centre of the southern part of the island.

Ajuy is also called „Puerto de la Peña" (port of the virgin of rocks) and has therefore got two names.

The village has small, simple houses. There are only a few standart overnight accommodations. Ajuy also has got a parking are for about 30 cars situated directly at the beach. Besides there is a cultural centre and a (old) sports field.

There are some caves near Ajuy. The path to the caves starts at the northern end of the beach and leads up to a coastal rock. From there you have an amazing view of the beach, the sea and the town of Ajuy. Small stairs then lead to the caves. But be careful: The way down is a bit dangerous!

Ortseinfahrt von Ajuy auf Fuerteventura

Start of the town of Ajuy on Fuerteventura

Ajuy auf Fuerteventura

Ajuy on Fuerteventura

Ajuy auf Fuerteventura

Ajuy on Fuerteventura

Kulturzentrum auf Fuerteventura

Cultural centre in Ajuy on Fuerteventura

Ajuy beach

Ajuy's beach is a popular destination for tourists. The fine, pitch-black sand and the blue water portray an interesting contrast. It is not recommended to go swimming here because of the strong breakers and the undercurrent. Nevertheless the beach is always well-attended as it is one of the beautiful sights of Fuerteventura. On the right hand side there is a path up to the cliff (from where you can go to the caves). There you can enjoy the view of Ajuy. Ajuy's beach is mainly visited by locals. There are also two toilets for disabled. 

Strand von Ajuy - Fuerteventura

Ajuy beach on Fuerteventura

Parkplatz am Strand von Ajuy auf Fuerteventura

Parking area at Ajuy beach on Fuerteventura

You can find more detailled information about the beach of Ajuy on our websites:    -> Ajuy beach

Shopping, Restaurants and leisure time activities

There are some small restaurants and bars in Ajuy. On the menu you can find lots of fish. There is also a souvenier shop and an old sports field.


Restaurants in Ajuy auf Fuerteventura

Restaurants in Ajuy on Fuerteventura

Restaurants in Ajuy auf Fuerteventura

Restaurants in Ajuy on FuerteventuraSportplatz in Ajuy auf Fuerteventura

Sports field in Ajuy on Fuerteventura



There is also a bus stop. Schedules can be found in the island's magazine or by asking the bus driver. There is no taxi rank in Ajury.


Ajuy was once one of the most important ports of Fuerteventura. Therefore the town was often attacked by pirates.

Connection to power and water main were only established in 1986.