"American Star" from above - or what still exists of it

18.08.2009 - Kategorie: Other Websites

Almost everybody who has had a closer look at Fuerteventura knows "American Star". Even "one time tourists" often know "American Star" of their guidebook or have even visited it once. 

"American Star", the grounded ship on Fuerteventura's west coast, used to be a popular destination for excursions for adventurers for a long time.

Since 2007 it has sunken almost completely and today is only worth a visit for real aficionados.

What is well worth visiting, however, is the following website, which offers very detailed information about "American Star", amongst other subjects. Browsing the web, we were astonished by the extraordinary pictures. On the website of Explorer Magazine (German Website) you will find very special aerial photos.

We think this website is well worth a click!